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Just Breathe!

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

There are many benefits that come from breathing but not just casual breathing-(unconscious breathing). Majority of adults breath only with their upper chest. Tension and fatigue in the body tends to be produce by shallow breathing. To maintain health and produce more energy and minimize stress in the body means we need to breath mindfully with the diaphragm.

Breathing as a Spiritual Practice and Journey.

Breathe brings forth lots of benefits into our Body, mind and spiritual life its an Ancient Art form. Breathes original meaning is Spirit. In Ancient Cultures breath was seen as spiritual life force energy.

In my spiritual journey I've found that conscious breathing is a powerful tool to use to our advantage because it helps us mentally to be more present in our moment to moment living and has help me feel more connected to myself and to Devine Source. I personally feel it helps to create new neuropath ways in our brains. thoughtful breathing helps us to feel grounded and connected to the rest of the world around us. .


It can help to purify and cleanse our blood, it can help oxygenate our blood increasing white-blood cell count which can boost our immune system it can also brings more oxygen to our Brian which means we can feel more embodied in the moment. It helps us to regulate our emotions, our blood pressure and our sympathetic nervous system which is known as “the fight or flight” it also helps to increase our overall energy. You can click on play to listen to this meditative music while doing breathing exercise.

12 Deep breathe exercise:

If your out and about you can do this in your parked car, or if your at work go to the restroom or if you have the time find a quite place to sit comfortably:

Steps to try:

  1. Sit comfortably, take a moment to bring awareness to your normal breathing.

  2. Then take a deep inhale filling up your abdomen area completely hold for 2 seconds then exhale slowly through your nose.

  3. Exhale you count 1, inhale exhale 2 egt… do this up to 12 count.

Learn to breathe easily and naturally you will notice improved energy levels, reduced tension, and improved mental alertness.


Here is a simple Breathing exercise following this GIF:

I personally practice mindful breathing every morning to help start my day. This is my first blog on Breath and will be posting more. The Breath is our free tool its part of our organism.


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