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Hello, I am Hector

Rites of passages opened a path of personal growth, spiritual development, learning and understanding about myself, my mind, and my traumas. In this way of life, I'm always learning. As things are ever unfolding, I leave space for understanding and growth in these ways. 

Through Divine alignment, I was able to work with wisdom keepers – those that expanded my horizons, to see life from a sacred and ceremonial way.


Through personal experience and direct connection to the spirit world, I was able to see my destiny: The path of service and my gifts to offer to the world. I'm passionate about working with the breath, sound, and ritualistic ceremonies. 

My practices include Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy through Lyons Institute, Vibrational Sound Massage through Vibrational Sound Association, and Integrative Sound Healing Therapy based on a holistic approach through Sound Healing Academy International. From this training, I've developed a sound healing offering that integrates mindful meditation, breath, sound, and movement to support participants in accessing deep states of consciousness, unifying and transforming the mind, body, and spirit.



• As a Kambo practitioner, I've served local community for the past two years with training by Kambo Naturist Shamanic and Holistic therapy located in Peru.

• I am currently studying and practicing Traditional Mesoamerican Healing arts known as "Curanderismo" which involves different types of cleansing rites.

​• I'm also a
Multi-instrumentalist, playing different types of instruments such as the Native American Flute, Acoustic Guitar, and the Didgeridoo to name a few.


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