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what is kambo?
Kambo is also known by a few different names and associations:

• Kambo is the most common name in Peru and Brazil as well in the west. Other names are Sapo (which was populirize by Peter Gormans who wrote the book "Sapo in my soul".

• In the language of the Matses Tribe, Kambo is called “DOW-KIET” and the secretion name is “AKATE”.

In essence, Kambo, Sapo, Akate refers to the sweat, secretion of the Giant Green monkey frog/Phyllomedusa bicolor. 

• The Frog is nocturnal, and doesn’t have any predators, except maybe snakes which are not much of a threat.

• The only threat that kambo has is environmental degradation.

• The first observation of Kambo use was made in 1925 by a french priest who was staying with the
Kaxinawa tribe in brazil.

• In the 1980s, American anthropologists reported uses of Kambo among tribes in the Amazon including The Amahuaca, Katukina, Yawanawa, Matses, Marubo, Nukini and Mayoruna.


Traditional Use of Kambo

Modern use of Kambo

  • Traditionally kambo is used for a variety of reasons. First to cleanse, strengthen and energize the mind and bodies of the hunters.

  • Hunters use kambo before a hunt to enhance their mobility, to sharpen their senses, visual and auditory.

  • Kambo is also used to spiritually to get rid of what the Matses call "Panema" which translates to 'unfortunate events' or 'bad luck', clearing stagnant energy and emotions.

  • To get rid of one's laziness, lack of desire, sadness, physical weakness and low self-esteem.

  • According to indiginous people, Kambo has been used to aid fertility.

  • Kambo is known to bring harmony, joy, and good luck by unblocking and releasing mental energies.

People choose Kambo with various intentions such as physical cleansing, spiritual cleansing, emotional cleansing, or just for the experience. These are just a few reasons of many.

Kambo can be a catalyst for change. It can be used as a rite of passage, and it can open the door to feel deeply authentic with oneself.

Modern Holistic approach:
Kambo can possibly help with a range of conditions including:

  • Addiction

  • Prostate cancer

  • Chronic pain

  • Depression

  • Infertility

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Emotional trauma

Each Case is individual so it may vary for different people and bodies.



  • The secretion of Phyllomedusa Biocolor contains a powerful alchemy of what scientist call "Peptides".

  • - Our body needs 20 amino acids to function properly, 10 of them our body 
     produces, and the other 10 we get from food.
    - The Secretion (kambo) has a total of 16 bioactive and Neuroactive peptides, 
      which means they perform a specific biological function that has a positive 
      impact on the human organism.


  • When peptides from the secretion of kambo enters our body, our bodys cell receptors open and allow it to enter the cell and cross the blood brain barrier.
    Unlocking to kambo at a cellular level with no stress to our bodys cells.

  • Kambo secretion also cleanse out deposits left in the cells by foreign substances the cells are not able to process. 

  • One of the most notable peptide is Phyllomedusin, which contributes to deep purging and detoxification.


• Pregnant or Breastfeeding

• Hemorrhage

• Blood Clots

• Antidepressant

• Chemotherapy

• Blood thinner

• Pharmaceutical Drugs

• Heart Conditions

• Lack of mental capacity to make decisions

• Epilepsy

• Long term fasting

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